3MI White Mallet

Item # 06-3MIW

The choice of a mallet can make a big difference in the installation of your floor. The Powernail 3MI rubber mallet is approximately 2.5 lbs. with a white rubber cap and malleable iron wedge. This mallet's lower weight is perfect for operating a wide range of Pneumatic Floor Nailers and Staplers. All of Powernail's mallets have handles made of American Hickory and are designed for a comfortable grip. The 3MI comes with a white rubber no mar-cap and an iron wedge head combination. Made in the USA, these are the professionals' first choice.

Made in USA
  • Made in the USA
  • Features a Non-Marring White rubber cap
  • Back side of mallet features an iron wedge for better plank placement and adjusting boards
  • Handle is made of American Hickory and drilled for a better grip
  • Designed to apply maximum force to your nailer while requiring minimal effort
  • For use with pneumatic nailers and staplers (Models 445 Series, 50P Series, 200, 445FS Series)
WEIGHT 2.5 lbs