2AL Aluminum White Mallet (1.7lb)

Item # 06-2ALW

This is Powernail’s all-new Aluminum White Rubber Mallet. Weighing only 1.7 lbs., this mallet is almost a full pound lighter than our traditional 3MI Iron Mallet. Its handle is Tennessee hickory and fluted for a slip-free grip. The white rubber cap is non-marring and long lasting. Opposite the cap is Powernail’s signature wedge head design that allows you to join flooring boards without damaging the floor’s finished face. This mallet is compatible with any of Powernail’s pneumatic flooring nailers and staplers and is a wonderful companion to any of Powernail’s F-Series tools.

  • Features light-weight aluminum wedge head
  • Non-marring, white rubber cap
  • Ultra-Light, weighs only 1.7 lbs.
  • Tennessee Hickory handle is fluted for a slip-free grip
  • Compatible with pneumatic floor nailers/staplers and engineered flooring tools
  • Made in the USA
WEIGHT 1.7 lbs