Replacing Small Roller Covers or Bearings - Model 445 FLEX Power Roller (back)

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Replacing Small Roller Covers or Bearings - Model 445 Power Roller

Use the following steps when replacing the small roller covers or bearings for the Model 50P FLEX Power Roller.

Replacing the Small Roller Covers for the 445 FLEX Power Roller
Lay the nailer down on its side.
Remove the set screw from the small roller mounting block using a 5/32" hex wrench.
Remove the small roller axel with the bearing and roller cover.
Take the bearing off the axel.
Remove the worn cover from the bearing.
Cover may be difficult to remove. Cut old cover off but be careful not to damage the bearing.
Now install a new bearing cover.
Slide the new cover over the bearing.
Using fingers or pliers, work the cover around the bearing to seat the cover evenly.
To install the small roller, identify the high ridge of the cover and slide over the axel.
Roller is ready for mounting.
Insert the axel with roller -with roller -in the mounting block and tighten firmly.
Replace and tighten the set screw on the mounting block with the 5/32" hex wrench.
Repeat the procedure for the opposite side of the nailer.