Care & Maintenance for the Powerjack Models 100 & 200 (back)

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Powerjack Models 100 & 200 - Care & Maintenance
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Powernail manufactures high quality tools designed for installing a professional quality floor.

With just a little attention to the maintenance of your tool, your Powerjack will operate trouble free and keep you running with minimal downtime.

After every use, visually inspect for loose or broken parts.
Use the Powerjack handle to test whether the ratchet mechanism is functioning properly.
Check that the plastic stop screw at the end of the rack is secure.
Push the handle forward to test the ratchet release mechanism.
Slide the rack back and forth to ensure it has free motion.
Use lithium grease to coat the ratchet pawls and gear mechanism.

Move handle up and down to rotate gear while applying grease.

Use compressed air to blow off excess dirt or dust.
Wipe off with a clean dry rag.