Model 445FS FLEX Power Roller Conversion Kit (back)

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Installing the Model 445FS FLEX Power Roller Conversion Kit
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Begin by removing any staples from the staple channel.
Mount the stapler upside-down in a padded vise.
Using a 3/16" Allen wrench, loosen the (4) hex screws with lock washers from the base of the existing stapler foot.
Lift the whole foot and channel off the stapler.

Remove the (4) 1-1/4" hex screws from the foot and save for re-installation.


You are now ready to install the new FLEX foot.
Using pliers, pull the drive blade assembly to the top of the nailer.
Install the staple channel into position over the drive blade.
Line up the drive blade with the opening in the staple channel.
Slide the FLEX foot sideways on to the stapler and staple channel.
Line up the 4 screw holes for each component; the foot, staple channel and the stapler body.
Replace and tighten the (4) 1-1/4" hex screws with lock washers using the 3/16" hex Allen wrench.
The stapler is now ready for functional testing.