Changing a Drive Blade - Model 50P FLEX (back)

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Changing a Drive Blade - Model 50P FLEX
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Replacing the drive blade for the Model 50P FLEX pneumatic nailer.

Mount the nailer upside down in a padded vise.
Remove the 4 socket head cap screws with a 3/16" hex wrench.

Lift the channel assembly and adapter foot vertically off the driving blade.
Remove the rubber bumper.
Pull the drive blade assembly to the top of the nailer.
Remove the driving blade jam nut using the 11/16" & 15/16" box wrench.
Remove the 1/4" dowel pin holding the drive blade.
Remove the drive blade.
You are now ready to insert a new drive blade.

Insert a replacement drive blade into the slot of the piston rod.
Replace the dowel pin.
Screw the jam nut back in place over the base of the drive blade.
Tighten the jam nut thoroughly using the 11/16" & 15/16" box wrench.
Insert the rubber bumper.
Place the channel assembly Over the Drive blade.
Slide the foot over the channel assembly.

Install the (4) 1-1/4" screws with lock washers.


Tighten all screws firmly.
Nailer is now ready for connecting air and functional testing.