Care & Maintenance of the Model 50P (back)

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Care & Maintenance - Model 50P Pneumatic Nailer.
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Powernail pneumatic nailers are high quality tools designed for installing a professional quality floor.

With just a little attention to the maintenance of your tool, your powernailer will operate trouble free and keep you running with minimal downtime.

During use:

Unload the nails from the nail channel after every use.
Apply 3-4 drops of Mobile DTE light air tool oil into the air inlet after every 8 hours of use.
Dry-fire the empty nailer 3-4 times to circulate applied oil throughout nailer.
Connect air before loading cleats into the nailer.

After connecting air, load cleats in the nail clip.

For continuous feed and trouble free usage, keep the nail channel full.

After Use:

Visually check for loose or broken parts.

the safety trigger,
the nailer cap,
the nailer body,
the nail channel, and
the adapter foot with pad.

Pull back on nail pusher and check spring tension.

Connect an air supply.

Check for any air leakage around the nailer cap.

Use compressed air to blow off excess dirt or dust from the nailer.


Wipe off tool with clean dry rag.
Drain your compressor regularly and care and maintain your compressor according to manufacturer specifications.