Drive Blade and Rebuild of the Model 250 (back)

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Drive Blade and Rebuild for the Model 250
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Disassembly and Rebuild for the Model 250 E-Cleat Powernailer.

Place the nailer in a padded vise.
Using pliers, straighten the cotter pin on the tapered side of the #5 roller pin.
Remove the cotter pin by tapping it out.

Save the cotter pin for reinstallation.

Tap and drive out the #5 roller pin.
You may want to hold the plunger down while pulling the pin out with a pliers.
Remove the

plunger head,
plunger spring
and plunger spring pin

by lifting straight out of the body.

You may need to pull the plunger spring pin out separately.
Slide off the rubber blade retainer, drive blade and plunger spring.
You are now ready to install a new drive blade.

Replace the old drive blade retainer.
To install a new drive blade, look for the milled T-slot on the plunger head.
Insert the new driving blade.
Add the plunger spring and spring pin to the plunger.
Line up the slot on the spring pin with the drive blade which will face the front of the nailer.
Slide all components into the top of the nailer body.
Slide the #5 roller pin into the nailer while holding the plunger down.
Tap the pin with a mallet to drive it through.
Slide the cotter pin through the tapered end of the #5 roller pin.
Wrap the cotter pin legs to secure it in place.
Nailer is ready for cleats and functional testing.