Disassembly of the Model 200 (back)

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Disassembly of the Model 200 Pneumatic Nailer.
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Disassembly of the Model 200 E-Cleat Powernailer.

Mount the nailer in a padded vise.
Remove the nailer cap.
Unscrew and remove the 4 screws holding the nailer cap.
Remove the nailer cap.
Activate the red safety trigger to release the safety yoke.
Remove the body plate.
Remove the 2 safety yoke springs.
Remove the screw holding the trigger cable to the safety yoke.
Remove the safety yoke.
Next, remove the 3 screws from the plunger using a 5/32" hex allen wrench.
Remove the plunger.
Remove the O-ring gasket.
For the next step, take the nailer out of the vise.

Mount it back in the vise with the nailer shoe facing up.

Next, remove the 4 socket head cap screws with a 3/16" hex wrench.
Lift the channel assembly and adapter foot vertically off the driving blade.
Remove the rubber bumper.
Remove the driving blade assembly. 

If the driving blade is broken, tap out from the other side.

The cylinder sleeve may come out with the assembly, or you may need to pull it out separately.
Nailer disassembly is complete.

The nailer is now ready for replacement of seals or other worn components.