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      SCHEMATIC AND PARTS FOR MODEL 20FS (Flooring Stapler)

Model 20FS Schematic - Click on the Circled Part Number.

PARTS LIST for Model 20FS Pneumatic Nailer
20FS Seal Kit for Tune-up -- Download Users Manual (PDF)

90. Model 20FS Seal Kit (6 O-Rings) (09-20FS5090SK)  (back)

Add to Cart90. Model 20FS Seal Kit (6 O-Rings)

07. Gasket (09-20FS5007)  (back)

Add to Cart07. Gasket

10. O-Ring (36.3 x 2.5) (09-20FS5010)  (back)

Add to Cart10. O-Ring (36.3 x 2.5)

11. O-Ring (15.7 x 2) (09-20FS5011)  (back)

Add to Cart11. O-Ring (15.7 x 2)

13. O-Ring (3.15 x 3.5) (09-20FS5013)  (back)

Add to Cart13. O-Ring (3.15 x 3.5)

14a. O-Ring (48.5 x 2.5) (09-20FS5014a)  (back)

Add to Cart14a. O-Ring (48.5 x 2.5)

15. O-Ring (28.3 x 3) (09-20FS5015)  (back)

Add to Cart15. O-Ring (28.3 x 3)

16. Piston Assembly (09-20FS5016)  (back)

Add to Cart16. Piston Assembly

17. O-Ring (27.3 x 2) (09-20FS5017)  (back)

Add to Cart17. O-Ring (27.3 x 2)

18. Cylinder (09-20FS5018) (back)


18. CylinderAdd to Cart

19. Bumper (09-20FS5019) (back)


Add to Cart19. Bumper

23. Joint Guider (09-20FS5023) (back)


Add to Cart23. Joint Guider


25. Spring (Safety) (09-20FS5025)  (back)

Add to Cart25. Spring (Safety)

36. Locking Washer (09-20FS5036)  (back)

Add to Cart36. Locking Washer

50. Gate (09-20FS5050)  (back)


Add to C50. Gateart

51. Fixed Magazine Unit  (09-20FS5051)   (back)


Add to Cart51. Fixed Magazine Unit

53. Spring (Magazine, 2 Count) (09-20FS5053)  (back)

Add to Cart53. Spring (Magazine, 2 Count)

71. Stapler Foot (09-20FS5071)  (back)

Add to Cart71. Stapler Foot

72. Stapler Gate Plate (09-20FS5072)  (back)

Add to Cart72. Stapler Gate Plate

73. Stapler Support Shoe (09-20FS5073)  (back)

Add to Cart73. Stapler Support Shoe

74. Stapler Foot Rest (09-20FS5074)  (back)

Add to Cart74. Stapler Foot Rest

75. Stapler Safety (09-20FS5075)  (back)

Add to Cart75. Stapler Safety

76. Knob-Foot Rest (09-20FS5076)  (back)

Add to Cart76. Knob-Foot Rest

77. 1/4-28 x 1-1/4" Cap Screw (09-20FS5077)  (back)

Add to Cart77. 1/4-28 x 1-1/4" Cap Screw

78. M4-0.7 x 25mm SHCS (09-20FS5078)  (back)

Add to Cart78. M4-0.7 x 25mm SHCS

80. M5-0.8 x 20mm SHCS (09-20FS5080)  (back)

Add to Cart80. M5-0.8 x 20mm SHCS