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      SCHEMATIC AND PARTS FOR MODEL 101 Surface Nailer

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PARTS LIST for Model 101 Surface Nailer 

101: Tune-Up and Overhaul Kits -- Download Users Manual (PDF)

01. Spring Clip  (08-4500010) (back)


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02. Feeder Channel (08-4500020)  (back)


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05. Roller Pin Assembly (08-4500050)  (back)


Add to Cart05. Roller Pin Assembly

05R. Roller (08-450005R)  (back)


Add to Cart05R. Roller

13. Foot Screws (08-4500130)  (back)


Add to Cart13. Foot Screws


13N. Foot Screw Nuts (08-450013N)  (back)


Add to Cart13N. Foot Screw Nuts

15. Foot (standard 90* angle) (08-10100150)  (back)


Add to Cart15. Foot (standard 90* angle)

16. Screw & Washer Set for Spring Container (08-4500160)  (back)


Add to Cart16. Screw & Washer Set for Spring Container

17. Spring Container (08-4500170)  (back)


Add to Cart17. Spring Container

18. Feeder Spring (08-4500180)  (back)


Add to Cart18. Feeder Spring

20. Gate (08-10100200)  (back)


Add to Cart20. Gate

23. Dowel Pin (08-4500230)  (back)


Add to Cart23. Dowel Pin

27. Plunger Liner - Right Side (08-10100270)  (back)


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27. Plunger Liner Right Side

28. Plunger Liner - Left Side (08-10100280)  (back)


Add to Cart28. Plunger Liner - Left Side

37. Plunger Head (07-4500370)  (back)


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38. Driving Blade (08-10100380)  (back)


Add to Cart38. Driving Blade

41. Plunger Spring Pin (08-4500410)  (back)


Add to Cart41. Plunger Spring Pin

45. Plunger Spring (08-4500450)  (back)


Add to Cart45. Plunger Spring

58. Blade Retainer (08-4500580)  (back)


Add to Cart58. Blade Retainer

60. Nail Channel & Rivets (08-4500600)  (back)


Add to Cart60. Ratchet Access Plate

61. Cotter Pin (08-4500610)  (back)


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62. Body Rivet (08-4500620)  (back)


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