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Model 50P 18 Gage Pneumatic Nailer                

The Model 50P is a pneumatic PowernailerŪ designed for 18 gage cleats.

The 50P is recommended for use on 3/8", 1/2", 5/8" and 3/4" Tongue and Groove flooring. The Model 50P with 18 gage Powercleats is your best choice for installing some of the harder, 3/4" exotics such as bamboo and other solid or engineered wood flooring.

The model 50P uses a thinner 18 gage cleat that is less likely to split the tongue on thinner woods.  It is also recommended for flooring that is a very hard species like hickory. Many of the hard exotics available today require a thinner cleat to penetrate without splitting the tongue.

(50P Product Spec Page)

The standard configuration is (L/S), Long Handle with Short Channel, which holds 100 PowercleatsŪ.  Long handle configuration provides 18" height from floor to handle grip.

Nailer package includes a white 3mi Mallet.  Requires a 70 to 110 psi air compressor.

1,000 count (1M)
18 Gage Cleats

5,000 count (5x1M)
18 Gage Cleats

15,000 count
= PowerPak
(15 1M Cartons)
18 Gage Cleats