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Model 20FS Pneumatic Stapler

The Powernail Model 20FS is a pneumatic, trigger-pull stapler that uses 20 gage staples. 

The 20FS Stapler can be used for the installation of Engineered tongue and groove flooring.

The Model 20FS Stapler uses an adjustable foot which can adjust from 1/2" flooring down to 5/16" flooring which is found in today's commercial flooring market.

The Model 20FS is easy to adjust. Simply loosen the 2 adjustment knobs by hand and line up the face pad and foot to your wood profile. Tighten the adjustment knobs by hand and your ready to go.

Enjoy the convenience of a trigger-pull and the quality of a Powernail product.

See the 20FS Stapler Video!

(20FS Product Spec Page)

Uses Powernail 20 gage staples
1" Leg (25 mm), 3/16" (.1875) crown.

Part #: PS100

Each carton contains 2,500 staples.


The 20FS kit includes a carrying case with storage space for 1 box of staples and a Powernail Tap Block.