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Powernail ofrece una línea completa de mazos para complementar su línea de Powernailers y clavos- Powercleats.  

Hay una gran variedad de tipos de mazos, incluyendo los modelos de una sola y doble cabezal; cabezales blancos o No-Mar. El mazo estándar trae el cabezal de color negro.

3MI Mallets
2.62 lbs
(for Pneumatic Nailers)

3MI Mallets:
For Pneumatic Powernailer® models 445, 50P, 200 and 250.

#3 Mallets
3.2 lbs
(for Pneumatic Nailers)

#3 Mallets:
Double-Cap White or Black Mallet for use with all Pneumatic Nailers.

5MI Mallets
3.64/4.06 lbs
(for Manual Nailers)

5MI Mallets:
For Manual Powernailers® 45, 45R, 101 and 101R.


#5 Mallets
2.12 lbs
(for Pneumatic Nailers)

#5 Mallets:
For Powernail® models 35U, 50C, 50CF, 50P and 50M.

2AL Mallets
2.14 lbs
(for Pneumatic Nailers)

2AL Aluminum:
For Powernailer® models 200 and 445

Mallet Accessories (see store listing)

5MI Wooden Handle:
5MI Metal Mallet Head:
Rubber Cap (Black)w/ring:
3MI Wooden Handle:
3MI Metal Mallet Head:
Rubber Cap (White)w/ring:
#5 Wooden Handle:
#5 Metal Mallet Head:
Steel Mallet Ring:
#4 Wooden Handle:
#3 D/C Metal Mallet Head:
Wedgehead Cap(White)w/ring:
Cleat Pouch
Great gift idea for the contractor who has everything!
All Leather Cleat Pouch for carrying sticks of cleats. Great for use on-the-job when installing hardwood floors. Quicker reloads keep you running smoothly.
Magnetic button cover closes securely while still allowing easy access to cleats for quick reload. Sturdy belt loop on back keeps pouch firmly in place. Pouch is thin, compact and stays snug to the waist.
Part number: 06-99910